EAM Universal Vest now FAA Approved

The EAM Universal Vest (AIC-35) is now FAA TSO-C13f approved. The Universal Vest now gives clients the ability to streamline their needs, meeting the passenger requirement for adults, children and infants with a single vest type. The life vest has been outfitted with an additional buckle, adjusting cord and adjusting slits to enable the vest’s transition into a life preserver, making it suitable for infant use. An infant is placed into the preserver by passing the necessary strap through the infant’s legs, around the back and over the left shoulder. The buckle secures the infant and the adjusting cord is a secondary means of security.


  • Single cell
  • Flame retardant urethane coated nylon
  • RF heat sealed seams
  • Manual CO2 inflator and an oral inflation tube
  • Available for passengers and crew
  • Whistle & retroreflective tape (optional)
  • 5 Yr. and 10Yr. frequencies of inspection available

Complete specifications for the AIC-35 can be found by visiting: www.eamworldwide.com/vest-commercial/aic-35

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