Training center management services

A turn-key service to address the airline industry’s need for cost efficient planning, management and maintenance of in-flight training equipment.

Our expertise ensures safety, operational continuity and training consistency enabling you to focus on training your teams on ensuring excellence in the skies.


Services Include

  • All management aspects including budgeting, planning and sourcing of equipment and services;
  • Monitoring, management and repair of all the equipment including programming of complex electronic systems and PLCs;
  • Hands on preventive maintenance, tracking and service for all equipment types – record keeping for regulatory checks and audits;
  • Risk assessments on new equipment being introduced in order to ensure that all equipment is in line with OEM specifications;
  • Interface with regulatory authorities to ensure full compliance of equipment.


  • Ensured operational continuity with a goal of zero downtime;
    30% or more reduction in training facility management cost;
  • Adaptable and customizable solutions in order to help you meet training objectives in a cost-effective manner;
  • 24 hours 7 days a week support;
  • Established inventory controls and principals;
  • Assistance with external audits and certification of equipment with regulatory authorities.

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