Tulmar appointed by Essex Industries to develop its markets in Canada

Hawkesbury, ON, Canada – Tulmar Safety Systems is pleased to announce that it has been selected by Essex Industries to develop the civil aviation and military markets in Canada for Essex’s line of safety products. The product line includes Emergency Passenger Oxygen System (EPOS), Protective Breathing Equipment (PBE), Victim Rescue Unit (VRU/VRU+) and Self-Contained Unit (SCU).

Essex Industries is a world leading manufacturer and provider of FAA, CAA, CAAC and ANAC approved and mandated emergency portable breathing and rescue life support systems, commonly referred to as PBE’s or smoke hoods. Essex’s patented technology has been proven over the years in applications worldwide by government security professionals, flight crews and individuals during emergency situations.

Tulmar is a well-established brand in Canada when it comes to delivering solutions that save lives both in the military and civil aviation markets. “Our recent selection by the Canadian government to supply state of the art life rafts to be used in rescue missions in the Canadian Artic is a testimonial to our active role in the industry. In the civil aviation market, 80% of all seat belts and life jackets flying on commercial airlines in Canada are sent to us for inspection and recertification. This places us in an ideal position to partner with Essex for development of the Canadian market” said Patrick Phillips, Vice President of Business Development.

Located in St. Louis, Missouri, Essex Industries is a leading supplier to the aerospace and defense market providing platform controls, aircraft components, emergency breathing equipment and liquid oxygen life support systems.

Tulmar Safety Systems Inc. is a fully integrated manufacturer of engineered protective textiles and survivability solutions for the aerospace and defence market worldwide. The company’s diverse products range from collateral equipment for military vehicles to inflatable life support and flotation products for military and aerospace applications.