Tulmar Safety Systems Announces New Agreement with Cellblock FCS for the Distribution of the LIBIK Fire Containment System

Cellblock product photo

Hawkesbury, ON, Canada – February 28, 2018 — Tulmar Safety Systems announces a new partnership with Cellblock FCS (Fire Containment Systems) for the distribution of the Lithium-Ion Battery Incident Kit: The LIBIK.

The advanced technology behind the LIBIK Fire and Smoke Suppression Kit lays with the integration of internal panels containing layers of environmentally friendly fire suppression and smoke absorption materials tested and proven capable of absorbing large quantities of toxic or flammable gas and withstanding temperatures of up 1000C (1832F) without the use of water.

The LIBIK Fire Containment System can be used for Lap Tops, Tablets and Cell Phones and is easily stored in any overhead compartment on your aircraft.

CellBlock FCS / Tulmar also offers a range of transportation cases which allows for safe air transport of lithium-ion batteries and devices, flares or any other similar items. The unique compartmentalized cases can prevent fire from spreading from one cell to another.

These innovative proven products are now available in Canada and worldwide through Tulmar Safety Systems. A sample can be sent to you upon request.

Patrick Phillips, Tulmar’s VP of Business Development adds that “Tulmar is glad to add Cellblock’s innovative fire containment solutions to its comprehensive catalogue of aviation safety equipment available to airlines and private operators around the world”.

Tulmar is a fully integrated manufacturer of engineered protective textiles and survivability solutions supplying aerospace and defense markets worldwide.

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