Our Online Store is Expanding!

eStore expansion banner

In January of this year (2018), Tulmar launched its online store, allowing our customers to practically purchase training PBEs, parts and accessories directly online.

This proved a practical solution for several actual and new clients. The online store saves our customers time by skipping a lot of back and forth often encountered when using more traditional transaction methods. Additionally, our online system has allowed us to offer shorter lead time in the delivery of small orders for training PBEs and their accessories.

Given the initial success of the endeavor, we decided to expand! Constant Wear vests have been added to the online store, allowing customers to purchase these items directly online. In addition, customers in need of renting a life raft can submit their RFQ online, with an integrated form system.

Our fire containment systems (Cellblock FCS) and Search and Rescue Communicators (SARC) are also included with the option to submit an RFQ online.

This is just the beginning! We are planning to add a lot more items to the online store, both for online purchases and to submit RFQs, so keep an eye open and visit us often at www.tulmarstore.com.

It’s part of the advantages of the system – not only does it automate parts of the process that are otherwise time consuming, but it keeps that human contact alive. Our representative will contact customers directly when receiving an RFQ, and we have staff available to answer questions when customers have them. We want to simplify things AND keep the communication bridge open.

To celebrate this expansion, we are offering a rebate of $25.00 to every customer opening an account on our eStore (applicable through the online store only – 1 per customer – valid until September 30th 2018). Customers with an existing account will also receive this rebate.

Come give us a try!