Tulmar contributes to the fight against COVID with the provision of the new Face Shield

Face Shield

Developed in collaboration with our regional hospital, we opened up this product to help industries in general remain safe.

The TULMAR reusable face shield is a full-coverage, facial barrier designed for worry-free protection and comfort. The shield features a comfortable foam band combined with a light-weight, durable, vinyl material for ear-to-ear coverage from droplets and aerosols.

Designed for use in hospital settings including ICU’s and operating rooms. This shield is an ideal protection against COVID / Corona Virus.

• Transparent, scratch-resistant, non-reflective barrier
• Adjustable band for maximum comfort
• Can easily be worn over glasses
• Reusable up to 50 times
• Easy to disinfect using peroxide, alcohol-based wipes or a medical device reprocessing (MDR) systems
• Barrier Dimensions: 13” wide x 9 1/8” high, 0.03” thick Lexan