Boat Safety Week: LifeRamp Edition

This week is Boat Safety Week (May 22-28).  This includes ensuring communities are all set and ready to respond in the event something goes wrong.  For the Pincourt area, this meant a arduous training session with their fire department.  The department used Tulmar’s LifeRamp system and took it to the water, testing various rescue scenario, from single victim to multiple, from distant to shore.

Our LifeRamp performed admirably, easily fitting for transport to the scene, light enough to carry to shore and inflated in mere seconds, it was ready for a rescue.  The LifeRamp was tested both as a shore deployment, which can be used to rescue nearby victims, or deployed from a dock or boat vehicle, and as a watercraft, with the rescue team able to paddle to the victim.  The fire department was also able to setup a ferry system for the LifeRamp, aiding in the rescue of people from a small island to the main shore.

You can view our video here, or visit our LifeRamp’s brand new product page.