A Liferaft’s Journey

“We’re almost there Bob. You’ll be right back home with mama Amanda. I’m sure they all missed you over there.” Gary said to his trusty flight companion. Bob, the liferaft.

“You know Bob, this was my very first trip this long over water and I’m not going to lie, I was dreading it. It’s frightful over there alone over the crashing waves, with not a soul in sight for hours! What is that? You weren’t scared! Well, you float Bob, so I call cheating on that.” Gary scoffed. “See if you’d be this confident if I hadn’t been there to pull your cord in time of emergency. What is that? Oh you weren’t scared because I’m such a great pilot? Gosh Bob…thanks.” Gary blushes. “Still, we’ll be there soon. Your Tulmar parents are going to pick you right up at the local airport in Hawkesbury. Isn’t that nice Bob?” Gary continued.

The true story behind this little chat between Bob and Gary stems from a picture that Gary, seen above, sent to us at Tulmar as he was returning the raft. It gave us some Tom Hanks and Wilson (from the movie “Cast Away”) vibes, we couldn’t resist.

It surprisingly matches the customer story too. Going on an impromptu trip, long distances over water, can be daunting for even the most experienced of pilots. Lucky for everyone, we have a good stock of liferafts available for rent and ready to ship on a quick turnaround.

And thus did Gary meet Bob, his travel companion. Additionally, to gaining a companion for the trip, we could accommodate Gary a bit further. Instead of shipping the raft at the full cost of transporting dangerous goods, Tulmar agreed to meet with him at Hawkesbury’s airport (well, landing strip, it’s very small) and pick Bob up there. A small detour was a lot more cost effective for Gary, and it let some of our staff meet him directly! Not to mention getting to see the aircraft up close. Look at that plane, it’s just beautiful!

All-in-all, everyone won with this kind of arrangement, and we were more than happy to be able to help a bit further. It never hurts to try and go above and beyond with customers when the opportunity presents itself. Plus, often, the stories alone make it quite worthwhile.