A local country star by night

Norm Campeau, Tulmar’s Shipping and Receiving coordinator has music in his bones.

He started singing in the church choir when he was around twelve years old. At the same time, he was also listening to his grandfather play the violin, and watching his brother learn to play the drums. “My whole family was musical,” he says.

While Norm eventually started playing rock music, inspired by the sounds of Deep Purple and Ozzy Osbourne, his musical development was also rooted in a shared love of country music with his family.

Norm joined the Canadian Army when he was 18 and served six years on before returning home to a job in construction. Eventually, he moved over to shipping and found his way to Tulmar.

Throughout that time, his love of music continued to grow. Now, Norm’s built a dedicated following playing country covers to sold-out crowds at local venues. A recent show with 4 other musicians was a standing room only affair. With more than 400 tickets sold, Norm’s faithful fans watched him perform a tight set of Merle Haggard hits.

The change from playing music for himself to playing for a crowd took some getting used to. “I’m always nervous about doing a live show,” Norm says. “But as soon as I see people enjoying the music, the nervousness goes away.” A full dance floor at his most recent show meant Norm’s jitters would have been short-lived!

His approach to performance is much like him–easy-going and light-hearted. His set list is ever-changing, depending on what he likes at the time. “I learn a new song when I like it,” he says, “and I’ll stick with it until I get sick of it.”

It’s that quiet confidence and distinct country sensibility that keeps his audiences coming back for more.