Engineered for Protection, Engineering the Future

At Tulmar Safety Systems, our motto is, “Engineered for Protection.” As a leading provider of advanced protective solutions, it is crucial for us to foster an environment that promotes collaboration between experienced engineers & young, talented individuals. This summer, we are thrilled to have Owen Burgess and George Reda, two bright engineering students, join Tulmar. Their enthusiasm & fresh perspective have already brought energy to our office.

Owen Burgess, a 2nd Mechanical Engineering student from Queen’s University, & George Reda, a fellow 2nd student at Carleton University studying Aerospace Engineering, have embarked on a transformative journey with Tulmar. Their passion for engineering & their desire to learn and contribute have made them valuable assets to our team.

One common interest that Owen and George share is their fascination with advanced fibers and textiles and their potential to replace heavier components, such as steel, in various applications. Owen highlights the inherent advantages of advanced fibers, stating, “Advanced fibers are more flexible than metals and, in many cases, are stronger.” This increased flexibility allows for improved functionality and enhanced adaptability, making them ideal for various industries, including aerospace and defense.

George, on the other hand, emphasizes the versatility of textiles, particularly in non-traditional applications. He mentions the intriguing ways in which the Canadian Armed Forces utilize textiles for purposes beyond conventional expectations. This adaptability opens up new avenues for innovation and expands the horizons of engineering possibilities.

Both Owen and George recognize the experience they are gaining at Tulmar. They appreciate the opportunity to work alongside seasoned professionals & observe how advanced fibers are integrated into real-world projects. This exposure to practical applications not only deepens their understanding of engineering principles but also enables them to contribute meaningfully to ongoing advancements.

As Owen and George prepare to return to their academic pursuits in the fall, they carry with them a wealth of knowledge & experience gained during their time at Tulmar. By understanding the unique applications of advanced fibers, they are better equipped to tackle future challenges & contribute to engineering innovation. We are confident that they will make remarkable contributions to their respective fields & continue to uphold Tulmar’s legacy of engineering excellence.

Tulmar is proud to have them as part of our team this summer. Their enthusiasm, dedication, & eagerness to learn have made a positive impact on our work. By exploring the immense potential of advanced fibers and textiles, they have expanded our understanding & opened up new possibilities for engineering solutions. As we empower the next generation of engineers, we are excited to witness the great things Owen, George, and their peers will accomplish in the future.