Tulmar AOG Process and FAQ

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To request AOG services, please call our AOG line and / or email at:

Our AOG services are available every day of the year, including weekends and holidays.

Tulmar considers an AOG situations where an airline or operator requires repair and overhaul services, including inspection & re-certification, as an emergency. This means a turn around time much shorter than expected (less than 10 days). Please note that the premium is higher when requiring work to be done during the weekend or holidays.

If you need a pick up, please ensure to send in the full pick up address to aog@tulmar.com.

To send your items for R&O, ship to:

Tulmar Safety Systems Inc.
Attention: Repair and Overhaul / Amanda
1123 Cameron Street
Hawkesbury, ON K6A 2B8

All AOG request will have a premium fee charged alongside our regular service pricing. If you are in a situation that urgently requires a quick turn around but can extend beyond the AOG’s 10 days period, please send an email to mro@tulmar.com and include the word “RUSH” in the subject line.  This will exempt you from being charge the AOG premium.

You can view a list of our R&O Capabilities by visiting our Repair and Overhaul Web Page.