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We are passionate about aviation. We are equally passionate about developing products that enhance safety so that everyone can share in our passion of aviation. The aviation industry demands excellence and Tulmar delivers.

Baby Bassinet

Baby Bassinet

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Safety and Emergency Kits

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Cargo Containment Solutions

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Tulmar Baby Bassinet

Tulmar offers the Baby Bassinet,a globally renowned Baby Bassinet for aircraft use.  The Baby Bassinet is hooked on the bulkhead wall of an aircraft for the use of parents traveling with infants.  When not in use, the Baby Bassinet folds on itself for easy storage.  A carrying case is provided for added convenience.

Bassinet in use
Baby Bassinet

The Tulmar Baby Bassinet is the safest on the market thanks to a fool-proof 3-point attachment system.  It is designed to provide ultimate comfort, style and the material used is easy to clean, ensuring quick turnaround of the aircraft. Standard colors are Cloud Grey and Buff.

Safety and/or Emergency Kits

Survival Kits & Unruly Passenger Kits

Tulmar has expertise in the craft of kitting and managing various types of kits for the commercial aviation markets. We manufacture, design, overhaul and re-supply these kits based on customer needs.

6914-001 Tulmar's Unruly Passenger Restraint Kit

Unruly Passenger Restraint Kits

Onboard several international airlines, Tulmar offers a solution when you have exhausted all means of communication and need to subdue an unruly passenger. Tulmar’s Passenger Restraint Kit provides a safe means of control. Lightest weight on the market, Tulmar’s restraint kit is packaged in a fire-resistant, fungus-resistant, laminated and tamper-evident pouch in which the handcuffs and foot restraints (TSO approved tuff-cuffs) have been sealed in clear bags for protection against age-ing in a low-moisture cabin environment. Also included is a chest strap, paramedic scissors, tape and a spit net. Inspection intervals is set at 3 years from time of installation on your aircraft.

Survival Kits

Survival kits are available for all types of environments and can be customized. Types include: Polar, Desert,Military, General, inhabited, auxiliary, Jungle and supplementary.

Survival Kit Photo
Survival Kit Image
Cargo Containment Solutions
Helicopter Net

DART Aerospace certified helicopter net, designed and manufactured in collaboration with Tulmar Safety Systems.

Tulmar designs and manufactures customized nets and soft-shelled stowage in various sizes and configurations for Helicopters and Airplanes.

We have capabilities for the design of solutions based on the customer needs. We also manufacture to print or partner with other aerospace companies to develop these solutions. Whatever the need, cargo containment solutions are responsive, thorough and effective.

We also design and manufacture containment solutions for the military. For more information, click here.

Life Rafts (Marine & Aviation) & Rentals (Aviation)

Tulmar offers life rafts for all aviation customers, from 2 to 56 persons rafts.

Raft Montage

Tulmar represents Winslow and Eastern Aero Marine in Canada, bringing the product lines of North America’s premier life raft producers to the Canadian market. Our partnership with Winslow and EAM extends from sales and distribution of life rafts and survival equipment to maintenance inspection, repair and re-certification. As a stocking distributor and authorized repair facility for Winslow and EAM, Tulmar carries a full inventory of replacement parts ensuring quick turnaround time for our aviation customers.

We also offer a large selection of Winslow Marine life rafts.  Send a request to obtain more information.

Life Raft
Life Raft Hard Pack Photo
Life Raft Soft Pack
Selection of EAM & Winslow Rafts
Available with Hard and Soft Pack

Rental Options

Tulmar can provide life rafts on a short- or long-term rental basis, or for these situations when one is needed on a temporary basis. They can be shipped within 24-48 hours anywhere in the world. Each rental comes Complete with SEP Kit and optional ELT. We have provided rental rafts for film productions, advertising photo shoots and other unique requirements.

Fire and Smoke Containment Systems

Tulmar Safety Systems is an approved distributor of the Cellblock FCS (Fire Containment Systems) Lithium-Ion Battery Incident Kit – The LIBIK, the only viable flightdeck solution because it does not require the use of water.

The advanced technology behind the LIBIK Fire and Smoke Suppression Kit lays with the integration of internal panels containing layers of environmentally friendly fire suppression and smoke absorption materials tested and proven capable of absorbing large quantities of toxic or flammable gas and withstanding temperatures of up 1000C° (1832F°) without the use of water.

The LIBIK Fire Containment System can be used for Lap Tops, Tablets and Cell Phones and is easily stored in any overhead compartment on your aircraft.

LIBIK Kits & Equipment

Cellblock Case

Transport Case

Protective Breathing Equipment (PBE)

Tulmar is the exclusive authorized distributor of Essex Industries PBEs in Canada. The Essex PBE is a self-contained, portable, protective breathing device designed to safeguard airline crew-members during emergencies and while assisting with the evacuation of passengers.

Fire | Evacuation | Rescue | Smoke-filled Cabins | Toxic Fumes


  • Lightest PBE on the market – Lowest cost of ownership
  • Compressed oxygen cartridges – Safest PBE available
  • No dangerous chemicals used to produce oxygen – Can be shipped easily
  • Easiest PBE to deploy and don – Preferred by Cabin Crew
  • PBE with the widest range of vision – Clear visibility in critical situations
  • Only PBE with end-of-service indicator – Ensures Cabin Crew safety
  • Only PBE with humidity indicator – Quick verification that PBE is operational

Click here to learn about the training version

Life Vests and Life Jackets

Tulmar stocks and services most of the Eastern Aero Marine product line – from Single and Dual Cell vests for Passenger/Crew – Adult/Child – to Infant vests and the Constant Wear Helicopter vest. EAM has 50 years of experience in the manufacturing of inflatable life support equipment. Visit our online store at to see our line of constant wear vests.

Cutting machine

Tulmar has the capability of supporting aircraft interiors specialists and MROs with contract manufacturing of aircraft interior components including: seat covers, curtains, carpets, galley flooring, manufacturing nets and stowage assemblies to drawing. We provide cutting and sewing services, kitting, inventory management and value-added logistics solutions. Contact Tulmar to discuss your subcontracted manufacturing needs.

Interiors capabilities include:

  • Dry Cleaning and Repair
  • Fabric and Leather Sewing

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