Training center management services


A turn-key service to address the airline industry’s need for cost efficient planning, management and maintenance of in-flight training equipment.

Our expertise ensures safety, operational continuity and training consistency. This enables you to focus on training your teams and ensure excellence in the skies.


Services Include

  • All management aspects including budgeting, planning and sourcing of equipment and services;
  • Monitoring, management and repair of all the equipment including programming of complex electronic systems and PLCs;
  • Hands on preventive maintenance, tracking and service for all equipment types;
  • Record keeping for regulatory checks and audits;
  • Risk assessments on new equipment being introduced in order to ensure that all equipment is in line with OEM specifications;
  • Interface with regulatory authorities to ensure full compliance of equipment.


  • Ensured operational continuity with a goal of zero downtime.  This results in
    30% or more reduction in training facility management cost;
  • Adaptable and customizable solutions in order to help you meet training objectives in a cost-effective manner;
  • 24 hours 7 days a week support;
  • Established inventory controls and principals;
  • Assistance with external audits and certification of equipment with regulatory authorities.

If you are interested in our training center equipment management services, please complete the contact form below.  Let us know what are your needs, the type of center or facilities you use or plan on using.  We will then contact you shortly with a proposal to discuss how to tailor the best suited solution.

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