Rugged, Modular, Reliable and Rapidly Deployed
Tulmar’s inflatable shelter system was developed to meet the requirements of emergency responders. The versatility of Tulmar’s Inflatable Shelters now makes it suitable for a variety of industries and uses, from mobile command centers for emergency responders, to pop-up waiting rooms and first air tent.  This diversity is possible thanks to the shelter’s multiple straps to suit the customer’s equipment such as lights and cables, and adapters allowing for the customer to use a variety of inflation methods, whether it be cylinder, air compressor or blowers.

The shelter systems are are modular, with interconnect panels that permit joining multiple shelters for custom configurations. These shelters are quick and can be erected in less than 5 minutes—simply unpack and inflate.

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Performs in cold weather reaching down to -30 degrees Celsius.
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Waterproof exterior grants protection against the weather elements.
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Anchoring systems permit for a sturdy setup even when exposed to high winds.
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Fire resistant materials make the shelter ideal when responding to a fire emergency.
Ventilation, easy cleaning and full coverage grants for a sterile environment.
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Quick setup and practical valise make for a convenient and reliable mobile command center in any situation.

A Full Kit

A Full Kit

Our Standard Shelter Systems are complete and include all base accessories for the setup, use and maintenance of a shelter.  Our systems are designed to adapt to our customer’s owned inflation systems, including SCBA and SCUBA cylinder, air compressors and a variety of blowers.

Each inflatable shelter system comes equipped with a valise, basic inflation fittings, a socket tool to assist in inflation & deflation, a repair kit and our complete user manual.

Inflatable Shelters are available in sizes:
12′ x 15′ (3.7m x 4.6m) and 15′ x 20′ (4.6m x 6.1m)

Tulmar’s repair and maintenance facility, located in Hawkesbury Ontario, is able to inspect and repair large damages on the inflatable shelter systems.  To get a shelter inspected, clean and / or repaired, contact

Inflatable Shelter and Fire truck
Multiple Shelters
Shelter Interior
Rolled up sides
Technical Specifications

The exposed parts of the Tulmar shelter are constructed with anti-fungus, anti-mildew, antibacterial and antimicrobial treatments.

The interior structure is made with anti-mildew and anti-fungal material. This preserves the integrity of the shelter.

12’x15′ (3.7m X 4.6m) Shelter Systems
Weight: 225 lbs (102 kg)
Interior Dimensions: 180 sq. ft (17 sq. m)
Packed Dimensions: 24’x 24’x 52′ (61cm X 61cm X 135cm)

15’x20′ (4.5m X 6.1m) Shelter Systems
Weight: 370 lbs (168 kg)
Interior Dimensions: 300 sq. ft (27.5 sq. m)
Packed Dimensions: 28’x 28’x 60′ (71cm X 71cm X 152cm)

Accessories and Replacement Parts

A variety of accessories and replacement parts are also available for Tulmar’s inflatable shelter systems, allowing you to customize your shelter to meet your exact needs.  Accessories include inflation kits and anchoring options, while replacement parts range from fittings and repair kits.



  • SCBA hose assembly
  • SCUBA hose assembly
  • Quick Connect Fitting
  • Socket Tool
  • Adapters



  • Anchor Pegs
  • Grey Weight bags (with or without cement bags)
  • Red Weight bags (with or without cement bags)

Parts & Repairs

Parts & Repairs

  • Repair kit
  • Partition Walls
  • Valise

Contact if the following needs replacement:

  • Floor
  • Canopy
  • End wall
  • Air Frame

You can purchase several replacement and optional accessories from our Online store!  Just select and click!

You can also purchase our Inflatable Shelter systems and its accessories via our official distributors:


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