Inflatable Shelters

Inflatable Shelter in front of Fire Truck
Inflatable Shelter Ceiling



    Rugged, Modular, Rapidly Deployable in Minutes – Tulmar’s inflatable shelter system was developed to meet the requirements of response teams for EOD, ERT and CBRN. The modular design allows canopies, end walls and floors to be easily detached for repair or replacement. Interconnect panels are available to join multiple shelters of various sizes for custom configurations. Can be erected in less than 5 minutes—simply unpack from valise and inflate.

    Partial Systems:
    We also have partial systems available to either add extra features to your shelter, make it modular or have spare / replacement parts.

    • Air Frame
    • Canopy
    • Extra Floor
    • End wall (regular)
    • End wall with 15′ wide door

    Ancillary Systems / Accessories:
    You can also obtain some maintenance parts, accessories and kits to complete your shelter.

    • Hose assemblies (for SCBA inflation system)
    • Repair Kit
    • Blowers
    • Socket Tool
    • Compressed air adapter (Fitting)
    • Weight Bags
    • Valise


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