Reliable multi-victim rescue system
LifeRamp is ideal for use where most rescue systems become unsafe — on land or in a watercraft. Its tough neoprene chamber inflates in 8 to 12 seconds to get your rescue team onto the water fast! Using a ramp-to-ramp coupling line, two LifeRamp platforms of similar length can work in tandem to leap from ice floes or get around obstacles and reach victims by the shortest possible route.

Easy to use: Compact & Light
The LifeRamp is a great system for that immediate, urgent need.  Compact, it is design to fit in multiple configurations of emergency responder vehicles, or for those on the water, on their boats.  Easy to carry, the multiple handles on the LifeRamp permit easy carrying to shore by a single person for the shorter systems, and two people for the longer ones.  The valise is made with n simple zipper system for quick access, ready for inflation in seconds.

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Water Rescue
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Ice-Water Rescue
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Mud & Unstable Terrain Rescue

A full kit

A Full Kit

Our Standard LifeRamps are complete and include all base accessories for the inflation, use and maintenance.  The LifeRamp designed for quick cylinder inflation, easy self maintenance and adaptable storage to land and water vehicles.

Each LifeRamp comes equipped with a valise, a 28″ SCBA inflation hose assembly, a socket tool to assist in inflation & deflation, a repair kit and our complete user manual.

LifeRamp systems are available in the following sizes:
10′ (3.1m), 15′ (4.6m), 30′ (9.2m), 50′ (15.3) and 80′ (24.4m)

Tulmar’s repair and maintenance facility, located in Hawkesbury Ontario, is able to inspect and repair large damages on the LifeRamp systems.  To get a LifeRamp inspected, clean and / or repaired, contact

LifeRamp in Use
LifeRamp in Ferry Mode
LifeRamp Ice-Water Rescue System
Philadelphia Police Marine Unit conducting canal search with LifeRamp
Technical Specifications

The chambers are constructed with black neoprene coated material.  The floor (yellow) is constructed of coated HypalonTM and has reinforcements (fiberglass baton).

10′ (3.1m) LifeRamp
Weight: 28 lbs (12.7 kg)

15′ (4.5m) LifeRamp
Weight: 42 lbs (19.1 kg)

30′ (9.2m) LifeRamp
Weight: 78 lbs (35.4 kg)

50′ (15.3m) LifeRamp
Weight: 90 lbs (40.9 kg)

80′ (24.4m) LifeRamp
Weight: 190 lbs (86.2 kg)

Accessories and Replacement Parts

A variety of accessories and replacement parts are also available for Tulmar’s inflatable shelter systems, allowing you to customize your shelter to meet your exact needs.  Accessories include inflation kits and anchoring options, while replacement parts range from fittings and repair kits.



  • 28″ SCBA hose assembly
  • Pump Adapters for Top-Up
  • Socket Tool

Parts & Repairs

Parts & Repairs

  • Emergency Repair kit
  • Red Cord Pivot Line
  • Valise

You can purchase several replacement and optional accessories from our Online store!  Just select and click!

You can also purchase our LifeRamp systems via our official distributors:


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