Stephane Leonard

Being an admirer of the military world, Stephane joined Tulmar in 2009 as a production employee.
During his first 4 years, Stephane learned every production operation within our facility and started to be introduced to the logistics operations.
In 2013, he was promoted to Production Scheduler bouncing between Scheduling and Logistics.
By 2016 Stephane acquired through training and experience, the knowledge required to be promoted to Production Manager.

In September 2022, a position with our Sales Team opened. Stephane happened to be a great fit and an asset for the Sales Team.
In October, it was announced that Stephane had accepted the position as Tulmar’s new Contract Manager – Defence.
In his free time, Stephane likes to watch on the television & attend hockey and baseball games.
He is also passionate by vehicles ranging from 1960’s muscle cars to current super cars.