TravelCare Kits

Getting People Back into Planes, Trains and Airports with Tulmar
The way we commute and travel has changed. The one thing that can never be replaced is the experience of traveling, meeting new people and different cultures or going to see people we cherish and love. Travel opens us up to the world and Tulmar wants to help make this experience safe and enjoyable. This is way we created the TravelCare Kits (SkyCare Kits and RailCare Kits).

We developed the SkyCare and RailCare Personal Passenger kits to allow travelers to clean their own personal space in the aircraft, airport or rail passenger car providing them with the sense of safety they expect. This SkyCare or RailCare pouch is made to be handed to passengers as they board their aircraft or train. Content is configurable to meet your expectation.

For use by airlines, airport authorities and rail station and rail companies to be handed to passengers to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

Tulmar’s basic prepackaged pouches contain:

  • Masks
  • Gloves
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Wipes

The content is however configurable to meet your needs




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